about us

Wonderkind is a boutique marketing and design studio built specifically for socially native wellness brands in an online world.

We elevate wellness food and beverage brands through impactful social media strategy + execution, thoughtful design and authentic content creator marketing. We curate online creative strategies and bring them to life through design and strategy execution as we seek to build not just products, but brands. We utilize our digitally native upbringing to grow brands that we believe in.

We are experts in the target audience space because we are the target audience. We develop strategies for identifying your target audience and tailoring your brand’s voice in order to speak to them throughout every channel and every design piece we create.  We want content creators and thought leaders to be talking about our brands, our client’s social media to be a taste of what customers will experience with the brand and all brand’s creative assets to be sharp, in line with their brand strategy and driving brand awareness and identity. Ultimately, every touch point with our client’s consumers will be curated and lead back to your business objectives.

Elle Defreitas
Co-founder + CEO
Cally Burgett
Co-founder + Creative Director
Chottie Hamilton
Head of Marketing
Brooke Frazier
Designer + Photographer
Avery Grimshaw
Becca Rembold
Ariana Defreitas
Copywriter + Marketing Manager
Shelby Bella
Vicky Nonnon
Content Creator + Stylist
Hattie Fahnestock
Marketing Intern
Katie Yeager
Marketing Intern
Paige Crossman
Marketing Intern
Ashlyn Knox
Marketing Intern
Alyssa Torres
Marketing Intern

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