our work

Austin Jam Company
Austin Jam Company trusted Wonderkind to freshen up their look.
Clean Cause
CLEAN Cause brand sought to develop a consistent brand identity and thoughtfully crafted design assets.
Elite Donuts
We provided Elite Donuts with unique photography for a reformulation and new packaging.
Golden Ratio
We worked with Golden Ratio, a new way to enjoy coffee, to launch a unique product in a new category.
Hebel & Co.
Our focus for Hebel & Co is to make halva cool, luxurious and approachable.
Our mission for Hyve was to unite the many ideas into one cohesive brand.
Jiant Kombucha
Jiant Kombucha sought our help for launching a new flavor with crisp and artistic photography.
Luna Fixa
We established Luna Fixa’s target audience and then re-launched their turmeric paste with their specific consumer in mind.
Mighty Swell
Mighty Swell came to us to launch new branding and gain brand awareness and a community on Instagram.
We worked with Petal to extend their brand, create printed collateral and launch their Instagram.
Planet Convert
Wonderkind rebranded Planet Covert so they can speak more directly to their target audience.
Raw Republic
Wonderkind elevated Raw Republic's digital look with a website redesign and new imagery.
For Repurpose, we strengthened their social media presence through creative content, unique design and influencer marketing.
Sacred Serve
Alongside creating a Sacred Serve brand book, we were able to bring the founder’s values alive on social media.
Sun & Swell
Our goal for Sun & Swell was to produce a new website that was more professional and more functional for the consumer.

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