Hebel & Co.

Hebel & Co is an artisanal and beautifully crafted halva company. Their process is ancient, detailed and labor intensive. Hebel & Co is serious about the halva making process. Our mission is to help them make halva cool, luxurious and approachable. Cool, because we think the target audience at the core is trendy, open-minded and striving to be in the loop. To tackle "cool", our design is edgy and our copy lends a fun and cheeky tone of voice. Our influencers are carefully chosen to help us achieve this brand vibe. Luxurious, because we want to inspire self indulgence and pleasure. We do this by utilizing professional photography and leaning into Hebel & Co’s elevated branding. Finally, we want to make halva approachable. We believe that this comes with education on the product, its long history and its product uses. Since the Hebel & Co / Wonderkind partnership began, engagement is six fold the market average for food brands.

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