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A succinct brand strategy can take your product to a new level. A brand should quickly and clearly establish its identity in the marketplace. Our branding services shed light on how your brand should walk and talk. We improve brand image and help identify how to best reach your target audience. Our services can help you advance your product from a name on a package to a holistic and recognizable brand.

package design

Ideal for businesses selling consumer packaged goods and looking to elevate their label in the digital landscape. We work with you to create packaging that stands out on the online marketplace while telling the story of what’s inside the package. With Wonderkind, you’ll have a package that is a tangible representation of your brand, speaks to your target audience and allows your product to give the best first impression, every time.


Your target audience is looking to content creators as key resources for their purchases. As a product-based business, gaining trust isn’t always the easiest. That’s why we consider finding targeted, niche-specific content creators with high engagement and on-brand content as a best practice. We are experts in the target audience because we are the target audience. We research key creators, further outreach, oversee content, originate a stellar seeding strategy and maintain creator relations so that your brand can flourish and foster an authentic community. With a thriving community established, your brand will continue attracting an audience that will support your products.

content creation

Strong imagery, organic and styled photography, and brand-driving graphics are a surefire way to grab attention on social media. At Wonderkind, we tailor these services to speak to your target audience. By creating cohesive content that is unique to your brand, we can help you captivate your audience and tell your brand’s story. Using dynamic product posts and optimizing algorithms, we showcase your brand strategically and inspire your consumers to buy in.

website design

A strong website is important for a brand to evolve and gain more brand awareness. At Wonderkind, we design and build custom websites to reflect your brand and target your ideal consumer. With a custom website, your digital marketing will be strengthened and your customer base will be able to gain information about your brand, your products and your brand's personality. Through strong design and an easy to navigate website, your consumer will keep coming back for more.

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Raw Republic


Raw Republic prioritizes whole body wellness through their healing juices, coffees and food items. Wonderkind was able to reflect this brand's healing and vibrant personality by elevating their look. Through a website redesign and custom photography, Raw Republic's digital presence now matches their brand's personality and values.



social media marketing

Luna Fixa is a turmeric paste that is rooted in Ayurveda and inspires everyday alchemy. Wonderkind re-launched this brand into the market and set the foundation with alluring and on-brand imagery and consistent design. We grew the brand by utilizing nano and micro influencers who are sharing valuable User Generated Content (UGC) and fostering an online community of recipe developers and health enthusiasts. We have increased engagement four fold in just over four months on this project. This brand has gained invested followers and customers and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.


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