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We are a team of 25 gals down in Austin, TX obsessed with brands and the experiences they give their consumers. We are experts on gen Z  + millennials because we ARE the target audience.

Elle De Freitas

Co-Founder + CEO

Meet our fearless leader and co-founder, Elle. In another life, this Texas gal moonlighted as a DJ and competitive cable park wakeboarding legend. Fast forward to present day: she divvies up her time between fostering Great Danes and leading the Wonderkind team in all their endeavors. A lover of all things food and bev, on the weekends Elle loves browsing restaurant menus, trying whatever pasta is hot right now (cacio e pepe, thanks for asking), and surfing the gram to discover new CPG brands. Elle uses her expertise to work with industry darlings A-Z— propelling brands into success and having a kick-ass time doing it.

Cally Burgett

Co- Founder + Creative Director

This Washington native is a long way from home! Cally is our Creative Director, Co-Founder, and resident cheerleader. Always infusing the room with positive vibes, Cally is the one to call when you need a fresh take and a little bit of grace. Growing up on her daddy’s wheat farm, she’s a sucker for old-timey country music. While she studied interior design and architecture in school, a love for graphic design led her to WK— and who doesn’t want to work alongside their bestie? Looking at you, Elle. Oh, and she loves her dog, Kona.

Becca Rembold

Art Director

Our Lead Designer Becca hails from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. As a kid, Becca would hoard pretty packaging (probably still does tbh). Tying her passion for food and design, she is Wonderkind’s longest employee to date. A designer to her core, she finds inspiration in everything from travel to food. As a pasta connoisseur, she *actually* knows the difference between fusilli and shells right off the top of her head. She has deep feels when it comes to Dean Martin and honey. Which, btw, can go on anything. Anything.

Shelby Seaber

Creative Director

Has she told you she speaks Italian? Congratulations, you’ve met Shelby: one of our Creative Directors at WK, hailing all the way from McKinney, TX. When she’s not soaking up every bit of sun possible (peep her “Sunshine” tattoo!), she’s likely making an entrance with approx. 3 matcha lattes and 5 bags in hand. She loves color theory, farmers' markets, and almost exclusively wears overalls. She will probably change careers to farm olives in Tuscany in the next twenty years. Also, she speaks Italian— did you know?

Maddi Scanlon

Social Media Creative

While Maddi is just average at the art of juggling (literally, juggling), she’s wonderful when it comes to being a creative powerhouse here at WK. Whipping up graphics, crafting copy, and scrolling through the gram are all in a day’s work when it comes to this Social Media Creative. In her down-time, she’s running circles around Town Lake, rock-climbing, and secretly planning matching outfits with her hub, Noah. She loves a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio, especially when training for her next marathon is checked off her to-do list.

Haley Henry

Tik Tok Creator

When this Katy, TX native isn’t acting as a Social Media Creative, she spends the entire year planning her annual Oscars viewing-party. We’rekiddingkinda? While she graduated with an engineering degree, Haley’s keen eye for design and love of all things creative led her to pursue a career in Marketing. Margarita-enthusiast, movie-fiend, and former competitive gymnast— Haley lends expertise to all things social media at WK.

Lucy Bowers

Content Creator + Copywriter

When the UV is above 7, Lucy is all smiles. This ray of sunshine came to WK from Irvine, California. With a degree in journalism under her belt, Lucy wanted to put her storytelling skills to the test— she’s now our Reels Director, practically pulling recipes out of her back-pocket and capturing amazing videos to boot. A casual marathon-trainee, Lucy is never not on the move. Catch her at your local Whole Foods, likely snagging some produce for her next viral recipe. She wants you to know that she hates fruit but will eat literally any vegetable. Btw, she’s writing a cookbook (!)

Chloe Drumwright

Tik Tok

Always armed with an oat-milk latte, by night she’s an espresso martini connoisseur. Perfect eyebrows and a sharp wit make her a heaven-send as our TikTok Director. While laughing at TikToks is part of her gig, she’s always lifting up the mood at WK HQ. When she’s not asking every member of the team to gitty/jive/jerk on camera, you can find her dialing in on the latest trends and creating 1000+ like TikToks at the drop of a hat. Going viral is all in a day’s work when it comes to Chloe.

Kelli Cothran

Project Manager

Kelli’s a gal you want in your corner. She brings creativity, compassion, and acumen to the table on the reg. She loves loves loves an organized calendar, and will probably send you a Google Invite even if the plan is just grabbing palomas after work. This frequent flier wants you to know she’s traveled to 30 different countries before the age of 30, might sign off on her emails with “Go Pokes!” as a 3rd generation Oklahoma State graduate, and even dabbled in fashion design in her Early-Years: The Kelli Edition. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on-board as our Marketing Project Manager.

Lauren Colon


Lauren is our self-described “West Coast girl,” who recently traded her LA rays for the hot Texas sun (cowboy boots not included). For Lauren, caffeine comes first, and bar the door when there’s an oat milk latte in town. When she’s not intuitively rearranging everything on set (tell me you’re a stylist without telling me you’re a stylist), she’s taking that big design energy into her home. As a thrifting enthusiast, on the weekends you can find her at the local Goodwill— she’s the kind of gal who manifests vintage Kartell, and grabs it at a steal. Catch her saying “thanks, it’s thrifted” ten times per day at the studio.

Saebryn Peel

TikTok Manager

Aside from being a master of the model off-duty look we know and strive for, Saebryn is also a decorated athlete and proud CU Boulder graduate. Her degree in journalism and communications make her a savvy pick for our growing TikTok Team. As our TikTok Manager, she’s sourcing the latest trends on the daily *and* executing them with grace, and oftentimes, a dollop of humor. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s a dedicated yogini (heated, please), frequent at the farmer’s market, and brunch-goddess. Next time you see her, ask what her latest fave coffee spot is.

Mélanie Duault


Marah Lopez

TikTok Manager

Audrey Davis


Londyn Boggus

Junior Project Manager

Alyssa Wallen